USA Cares Client:  John is a combat veteran with back injuries, PTSD and Depression who's family was about to be evicted from their home.

John, a Navy Veteran, served two combat tours in Afghanistan. During his deployments, he suffered multiple back injuries. Since his discharge in 2012, John was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. John started drinking heavily to stop the nightmares. His drinking and PTSD started to affect his work. Eventually he knew that he needed help. The veteran stepped away from his job to attend a dual treatment at the Hampton VA Hospital for PTSD and substance abuse, leaving his family behind. The duration of treatment was 4 months. USA Cares was contacted by the veteran in December because his family was about to be evicted. The family had no more income or savings to prevent the threat of homelessness. USA Cares' Combat Injured Program provided the family a grant to stop the eviction while the combat veteran prepared to return home.


USA Cares Client:  Walter served four tours before retiring and returning to Michigan to help care for his 24-year old son with Cerebral Palsy.

Walter had been deployed to Afghanistan for 4 tours and retired from the military.  He moved back to Michigan with his wife who cares for their 24-year old son with severe Cerebral Palsy.  Walter started working right away instead of drawing unemployment, but while waiting for his military retirement check, he fell behind on his bills.  USA Cares was there to assist with his mortgage and utilities to help keep his home and utilities until his retirement check arrived.